Front end swap - 99 Yamaha R1 fork on a 98 Honda CB Seven Fifty.


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I have a 99 R1 fork going on my 98 Honda CB750.
R1 stem is ø30mm at bottom, and ø30mm at the top and the stem is too short.
The 750 stem is ø30mm at the bottom and ø26mm at the top. The tube is ø55mm at the bottom and ø47mm at the top.
I've been looking at cognito motos conversion stem, but to get it to Norway would cost me almost $300 with bearings.

Since the stems are the same diameter at the bottom, I guess the original honda stem will fit in the R1 bottom triple tree.

What I'm uncertain about is wheter I can just buy new bearings and use the old stem?
Any ideas, or do I have to get a new stem?
Much appreciated.


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If the length of the stem is good, then yeah it's just a matter of getting the bearing OD/ID right for your frame and stem. All Balls does it for you in pre-packaged kits, but they just repackage. You can do the work yourself. You'll have to swap races and bearings to get it right.
Great, thanks!
Yes, I found some taperd roller bearings here in Norway the right size. Will order them then.
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