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***Read the full description before contacting.***

Pics - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T5_9mzyJwmbaeyDSU9RUfFZ1LF_JIxHN?usp=sharing

This bike has been sitting in the corner of a garage since the mid 1980s, thus information on it's history and/or condition is limited. If there are parts you're interested in, read the full ad before submitting offers.

Fame: Early RD350 frame (351-13139**) lacks a title or any paperwork.

Motor: It's complete, shifts through all gears, and kicks over smoothly with strong compression. RD250 cases (352-2079**) and RD350 (347cc) cylinders, not sure what additional internal modifications it may or may not have.

Carbs: Both complete and the slides move freely.

Exhaust: They're aftermarket, believed to be J&R, though I can’t find any stampings or marks to confirm. There is some minor pitting in the chrome, there are a few very minor scruffs/scraps on the undersides, but they’re free of any significant damage, dents, or rust, and are overall straight and in good shape.

Tank: Few minor dents and several scratches in the paint, but is pretty clean inside with only some minimal internal surface rust toward the bottom, which should clean up easily enough with a phosphoric acid/vinegar/electrolysis/etc treatment.

Seat: The foam and cover are rough, but the pan should be salvageable.

Forks: Appear to be straight, some pitting toward the lower triple, but the travel are looks pretty clean.

Front Wheel: SOLD

Rear Wheel/Brake: Rolls easily, looks to be straight, mild pitting on the spokes and rim.

Oil Tank/Sidecover: Both look to be straight.

I’ve included all the information I have about this bike, if you have further questions, feel free to PM me.

Parts picked up in Bellingham, WA, 98225 USA or shipped with fees and shipping costs the buyer's responsibility / no trades.

***'Is it available?' and inquiries regarding info already provided within this post will be ignored.***


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