FT500 Supermoto Hellride

irk miller

You've been mostly-dead all day.
Some may remember my last FT500 that was stolen right as I was getting close to being done with it. Well, during that build, I dreamed of a kick only FT500 with a XR500 engine. Here it is.

I have a love triangle deal with @Hurco550 and @ridesolo for a pair of DR350 Supermoto wheels. The Ninja wheels are temporary until they come in via Barber.

The last pic is just the seat pad base I made this weekend. A proper glass tail will be incorporated. I also bent the subframe to get a higher tail.




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Kick only ought to make it less theft-prone. Sounds like a plan!
Sadly the bike will be light enough the meth heads will just pick it up and toss in a truck and part it out. Lately in my old city I lived in 11 years ago there has been 50+ sport bikes get stolen that were all disk locked, locked to poles etc. Dudes were pulling up, cutting chains/locks and heaving them into the bed and driving away in 2 mins or less. they finally got caught but most of the bikes were in pieces and being sent to Montreal to sell on FB marketplace. A garage these days is really the only safe place, the bikes were stolen in broad daylight from homes and work places. mall parking lots whatever didn't matter. Our NB riders group was full for 2 months this summer with, my bike was stolen while I was work/mall/home please help. Someone finally got clear video of the truck and plate and one driver.
I like it!!! The angle of the tail/trunk reminds me of the street fighters I saw in Europe. It aligns with the front of the tank very nicely.
Instead of throwing out money for a first gen header, I modified an RFVC header to fit. The brackets are made by machining the center bore from GX390 brackets.

That tail section fits really well with that tank and side-cover setup, digging this one
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