Full Face or 3/4 Helmet?

Full face always and forever. I got hit by a deer, 100% fluke, not anything I could do to avoid it. my AGATT and full face kept me alive and with a bottom jaw to chew my food. I was going less then 20MPH when the fucking idiot animal ran into the side of me. She crushed my leg between her and the bike, broke my hip. I drug my face down the road and EMT's said "Man, good thing you were wearing a full face, you'd have no bottom jaw or teeth left from the rash on it. My armoured jacket prevented a broken back and elbow as well as stopping major road rash, my gloves saved my hands but my wedding ring broke my pinky finger, didn't even find that out until 2 weeks after the crash and surgeries on my hip and ankle/leg. It doesn't matter if you are the best rider in the world and only ride slow or in light traffic or no traffic or any other shit excuse, open face helmets are for the shelf if you want to keep your face. Anything can come out of nowhere and cause you to hit the ground.
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