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Hello to all members of the group!
I'm Gerardo of the Italian team Fuze and I would like to present our cafe racer project based on Honda CB 750 F from 1982.
The Exelero is a minimalist cafe racer, with contemporary lines, designed with great care to the details.
Based on a 1982 Honda CB 750 F, the Exelero is the harmonious fusion of components designed to facilitate ergonomics of use and designed to ensure easy installation for the user.
The individual parts of the bike achieve a functional balance to the riding experience, by eliminating the superfluous.
The body kit consists of tail, front fairing and mudguard, cad modeled and made of abs/nylon.
A billet steering plate was created, with housing for the instrumentation (Motogadget Motoscope mini) and for the neutral and engine oil pressure warning lights.
The original braking system has been updated by installing a Brembo front master cylinder and a kit of aeronautical braided brake lines, held in place by the abs brackets.
The handlebar control switches have led aluminum buttons which, in addition to performing the necessary on/off/light
The handlebar control switches have led aluminum buttons which, in addition to performing the necessary on/off/light functions, allow you to navigate between the instrumentation functions.
The Exelero equipment also includes a chain guard (designed thanks to the 3D scan of the original swingarm) and an oil vapor catch tank.
The presentation closes with the plenum, a compact airbox to replace the original filter box, for better air flow to the engine.

We have designed and made all the special parts with 3D printing and cnc machines.
Our shop makes special parts and body kits to replicate our special, renamed Exelero.
I do not know if it is possible to publish the link to our site to show you the products made (I do not want to violate the regulation, I am interested in sharing only our project!).
I'm curious to know your opinion and I'm available to answer any questions!
I hope you will enjoy our motorcycle!



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