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Been Around the Block
So we got bored & decided to buy a bike, tear it up and fix it up hopefully all in one weekend. We're going to raffle it off at an event in the next month or so. We're looking for help to do it. We need painters, welders, and wrenchers. It's starting this Friday at 6 and finishing up Sunday late. Feel free to stop by and help out or just watch us rip some stuff apart.

FB event here:

Our address: 1550 Mc Cullough, Pgh pa 15212 - We're in the alley behind the police station.


Been Around the Block
You have until Friday! You can ride here by then. I'll buy you a beer.... hahahaha


Coast to Coast
Cool! I'll have to check the weekend schedule, and if it's open, I'll lend a hand. You guys got the needed tools? If not, what's needed?


Been Around the Block
I think we have everything maybe with the exception of welding stuff. We plan on getting the frame straighter as it's a little more cruiserish right now. Hopefully we'll see you this weekend.

Big R

Heaven is so far away.
Damn. Naturally, I can't make it.

Sounds like a blast though. I'm sure you guys will create greatness though.

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