Gas Tank Leaks - Anyone used a tank sealer?


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I have a Kawasaki Ninja 1000R 1986. The gas tank was repainted when I bought it. It looks great, but there is a very slow (crack) leak on left mounting tab...
There are products that you can pour inside the tank that some say will fill small seam leaks, etc.

Just wondering if anyone has use these products? Can recommend a good one also?

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I worry that a crack might grow. Used POR15 sealer very successfully on a pinhole leak in my already-painted RD400c tank. Be ready to dedicate 8 hours of your life for successful use of any sealer.

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The one I've had the most success on the most surfaces is the KBS Gold. I like the Caswell Dragon's Blood a lot too. I've also used RedKote. The RedKote has typically worked well, but while tinting my fuel red, so I have little trust in it.


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Just whatever you do, don't use KREEM. Are they bankrupt yet or do they still sell that crap?

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