Getting a new title in Colorado.


Hey all!

Going through the steps to get a new title for my 76 CB550 here in Colorado. Thought I'd share what I have learned so far.

First of all, it is fairly inexpensive if your bike is more than 25 years old. You still have to Bond the bike, but you do not have to pay the 400 Bonding fee for bikes more than 25yrs old!

So there is hope,

First step is to get your vin inspection from a State HWY patrol office, at the same time they verify that it is roadworthy, This part is currently $20-25, they plan on raising this fee to $100 as soon as they can.

Next you have to do a title search, to attempt to find the previous owner, or last know owner who registered the bike. Now, if they find a previous owner, you have to contact them via certified mail. The PO must send you written consent that they sold the bike and no longer claim ownership of the bike. However, and this was the part that I am most pleased with: If the bike has not been titled in the state of colorado in the last 6 years, then the records have been "Purged" and the title search will result with no known owner and it is a much easier process to get the title in your name, you just need a Bill of Sale from the person you bought it off of. Also, if the bike is from out of state: Colorado only requires a colorado title search, so if it has never been titled in colorado, then it is the same process.

This is the stage that I am at, and am waiting for my title search to come back, I know for a fact that the bike was titled Out of State and more than 6 years ago, so I will not have to contact a PO and try and get them to "Give" me the bike.

Just thought this might be of interest to some of the CO people.


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I have a cl350 with a bill of sale and no title. The guy that sold it to me said he has owned it for 8 years and never registered it. I will have to go through this process too. If you have any updates on your title situation I would like to hear how it turned out for you. Much love to my fellow riders in Colorado.


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appreciate any thoughts on this. was thinking that it would be easier to go through Colorado's dirt to street process than through the bonding process. I've never done it, but Colorado has a process to follow for converting a bike from dirt to street use, which just needs a bill of sale (I think stating it was for dirt use), proper equipment according to a checklist, and VIN verification. Thing is if the bike hasn't been registered or titled in a really long time bill of sale can be from anyone, previous owner, friend, whoever, if there's no recorded history there's no way to verify anything. I suppose they might flag a big bike, 750 or something, but so many of the 60s and 70s bikes were dual purpose, scramblers, etc... I don't think they have any way of knowing or specifying what bikes were street.

Last year I found an 80s Husky 400xc on the side of the road with a free sign, missing carb and handlebars. I had a carb that fit from another bike and it fired right up and ran great. It's a cross country model with 6 speed tranny and top three gears are wide ratio, it would supposedly do the ton, and I believe it, it's a wicked fast dirt bike by any standards and I also have a yz465 big bore two stroke. I thought about putting it on the street, but didn't bother bc it wasn't a model with head and tail lights originally, just seemed like too much trouble. But I looked into the process and it was pretty simple, especially if the bike was already equipped for street.

Am I missing something?


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I had the same issue here in Alaska, required a large bond to be held for 5 years. Did some searching on the web and found several web sites that have a service for getting a title. They get you a title in a state that does not require a title to register a bikeonly a bill of sale. They got me a title from New Jersey I think. With the new title in hand I went down to the DMV and applied for a new title in Alaska.


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so its been a year since you started this process, have you gotten your title yet? i have an untitled CB360 and am about to buy a crap second one for the titled frame alone to avoid waiting potentially a year. :mad:

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