GL1100 carb kits: Randakk’s/4into1 same?

I’m working on a ‘82 Goldwing for a guy. Carbs are in bad shape due to neglect. Everyone says go with Randakk’s carb kits but all the Gl1100 kits seem to be “Out of Stock”. I found similar kits on 4into1. Any idea if they are the same or, if not, the same quality?

I know I need fuel bowl gaskets and the accelerator pump is leaking up past the rod. So I need those pieces at the very least.

Any advice?

Later, Doug


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Randakk's are the best. I've not used 4 into 1 but I do know most other kits use close enough sized o-rings etc and that will make your wing cranky. That being said I'll look at the 4 into 1 and see as I just did a GL1000 with Randakks kit and can compare.


Everyone said randakk...and after reading his site I will trust him and his products. I've used 3 rebuilds from issues. Sorry cant verify if others are good....


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the 4 into 1 look ok in the pic but until you put the o-rings in and see how they fit you won't know. I'd message randakk and see when he'll have the kits again. He may just need to bundle some up. I know his Viton 0-rings are a must for ethanol.


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I don't think Randall has any input to the business anymore. Bought out by the same folks that own our sponsor, I think.

irk miller

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Z1 Enterprises, Randakks, MikesXS and Dime City are all under the company Revival Parts LLC.


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And of course Z1 carries GL1100 intermediate kits (though spendy and including the unnecessary jets).

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