GL1100 Goldwing Touring bike... FINISHED


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well it was a long time coming. my brother outdid himself on this one... and again we created another sick scoot rolling out the door. everything has been redone, brakes rebuilt completely, braided lines used, all new wheel bearings, new fluids, carbs rebuilt, tons of powder work, custom paint, back up camera that doubles as a input line for ipod music videos, stereo system and added speakers to trunk, new tires, LED kit, Air horn, strait pipes, new belts, set the timing, set the valves, strait pipe exhaust with machine gun covers, LED fog lights, GPS, LED tail lights, LED light change remote, ahhh so much more... just a awesome scoot

switch pannel (operates everything)

me talking good.MOV

green wing running.MOV

good one running.MOV


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Wow, I am really not a fan of goldwings, unless they are cafe'd but that thing is supremely bad ass. Nice job!


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holy crap :eek: that thing sounds like a tank ;) ......................... only kidding
It's certainly eye catching, and sounds awesome.
well done man


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Like I said before. I normally hate the Vetter fairing early wings, but you made it look cool. First time I have ever seen one of these with the full gear on it that I didn't want to rip it all off. Great job, and I bet your brother's wife will like this better than the chop 2-up ;D


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Aw man, that green is nausiating! But hey... it's not my bike is it? ;) :p

The build looks good though. Came a long way from when you got it. ;)
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