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I need to buy some gloves as i dont have any and i have no idea who makes gloves that would be suitable to wear while riding my 1975 Honda.

What do you guys wear, what should i search for ??? Thanks.


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They aren't all "period-correct" and stuff, but I like my Icon sub-gloves. Anything that offers protection while keeping your
hands relatively cool is good in my book. Reasonably priced is an important feature to me as well!


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elkskin ropers


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I've got two pairs of deerskin gloves that I got at a swap meet. One is insulated, one not. Both have wrist and knuckle padding. They patina well over time.


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Swapmeet Louie said:
+10 same thing I ride with...
That's what I used to use. Now I use them for work gloves. Gotta love elk-hide/deerskin for the flexibility even after they have been wet.


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The Icon Rimfire gloves look cool:

3DO armor in the knuckles too - that would wreck someone's day (face) if you got into a bad situation...


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I like those Icon gloves.

I wear these from Loser machine company....


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Blauer makes some really nice (but expensive) products. These are actually called cafe racer. They come in black I believe. And they have another version of it with knuckle protection and the whole deal. Not sure where to buy them or if they are ever in stock. I'm sure you'll have to give up your first born for them but man are they beautiful!


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4eyes said:
I was looking for gloves with knuckle armor, that didn't look like I was suiting up in an exo-skelaton to fight hand-to-hand against robot-aliens.

Add to that the fact that I have long skinny fingers, and HATE wearing gloves because they're too bulky, and I got these:
I figured that I would update this post, since I have given the gloves a fairly thorough "stress test". :-[
I lowsided my DT 250, and spent some time sliding on the asphalt on my front, and the chinbar of my helmet, with my hands under my chest. ::)

The gloves protected my hands, and received this damage:

I liked these so much that I just bought another pair. The new ones have leather replacing the elastic material, and less of the leather is perforated (especially on the palms). So at the expense of losing some comfort, they should have gained some more durability.



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nicest gloves I've ever worn. Bison Leather, the softest leather I've ever had my hands on (in?) and love the vintage work glove look.

when I'm looking for something with armor, I wear these Scorpion Bixby's:


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I love my Scorpion SG3 shorties. I wanted to avoid the gauntlets, but I was sure I wanted wrist sliders. I'm glad I bought them, as my brother went down on his and ground the sliders down quite a bit. Would hate for that to be my palm/wrists being mulched.


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I picked up a pair of these Roland Sands Barfly gloves at Barber a year or two ago and they are my everyday gloves. I love them.


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I bought these fulmer brand glove on a closeout a few years back for a song and I like them so far. I have been breaking away from my cruiser rider mentality lately of a tee shirt and helmet with my chuck taylors. I tend to ride with the "all the gear all the time" mentality now. I had a buddy turned into a pile of ground meat a few years back when he came off his bike with boat shoes, shorts and a tee shirt, which aided me in changing my ways.

Anyhow, these gloves are super comfy to me. I wasn't sold on the "exo skeleton" thing, but these are surprisingly comfortable, light and offer great dexterity. Not to mention that ive skinned my knuckles enough times that sliding them across the asphalt at highway speeds un protected just doesn't sound appealing to me.

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