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hey guys this is my very first bike besides my pw50 lmao. anyways i paid $40 and it is a huge project, i got all winter to do it.

78 cb400t. sitting in a field for 12 years, everything "stuck" lol, and needs other work like its missing random parts.

i already freed the trans, got it to shift through all 5 instead of the 2 the p/o got it to. the clutch engages instead of being "stuck", but the motor is still froze, been soaking for about 2 days. btw i have never worked on a bike so any i mean any tips will help thanks!!!!

u get the idea, so here is some pics. dont mind my messy yard/toy shed since we have no shed or garage lol any work i do is in the basement aka my laboratory

at the p/o's

after about 2 hrs worth of work. and its still like this cuz im trying to get the engine done before i go any further





btw is anyone looking for a super sweet sissy bar? ;D
well after sitting around and getting impatient i decided that i was just gunna pull the head.. so i did. and i have some nasty stuff in there.. im guessing it sat on the right side in the field lol is this repairable or should i get a new sleeve?? i dont know what that part is called sorry im new to this and this is my first bike lol. also i was thinkin of removing the front brakes due to it being a budget build or should i spring the extra $30 and get a new handle and rebuild kit??

pics of the cylinders, left cylinder seems just fine, (the bike did have oil in it) i should also note the left side had no wd40 in it and the right side was full!!


Well that sure doesn't look good. I'm not an expert on these things, but it doesn't look like the rust runs too deep. I'd take the cylinder jugs down to a machine shop and find out if they think they can bore them past the rust. If it's never been bored before, you've probably got enough metal in the sleeves to take it.

That will require new pistons to fit the larger holes, but it'll also give you more displacement. At the very least you're going to need new rings any way if the cylinder wasn't holding WD40.

You may find though that you can look around and find another engine cheaper than the machine work. That may be the best bet.
yea i found a couple jugs with pistons for about $20-$30 on ebay so im thinkin of just doing that. havent pulled the bottom apart cuz im kinda scared but its gunna get done tonight lol then ill know if i need a whole new engine or not wich i found a 450 hawk motor that runs for $150
I have a set of clean 79 cm400 cylinders if they will work... lmk, you can have them on the cheap if they will!!
MarcW said:
I have a set of clean 79 cm400 cylinders if they will work... lmk, you can have them on the cheap if they will!!

ye they will how about pistons??? and whats the price?
im actually getting a cm frame well a complete bike for free. solid frame with a 450 motor. i think this may tirn out to be a parts bike. but we will see come friday.
I think the CM lends itself well to both styles well, however I am more of a fan of the Cafe bike (personal choice). I still like any custom bike (to look at).

yeah i was watching the american chopper show on speed chanel the other day and they showed a guy i cant remember his name but he was makin some sweet cafe racers and some cool salt lake racers!! man his seat and tank were one peice made from aluminum but it was clean.. he just popped it off in like 2 seconds it was sweet lol. this bike im gettin tonight is complete so i could actually make a cafe out of it and stay steady on this with the plans i dreamed. but who knows projects shift too much in my mind
well i decided not yo get the other bike as it was way to far for me to go. and i free'd the piston!! WOOO now i cant get the cylinder off grr.. any tips??

got it off with a block of wood and a hammer lol

well i pulled the pistons off fine. but the one that was seized the top ring is compressed and stuck that way, the second ring broke off as soon as i tugged on it a little and im stuck at what to do, the other piston rings came of as normal..
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