Golden Horseshoe Swap Meet Sept 30


Coast to Coast
Golden Horseshoe Swap Meet

When: 30 Sep 2012

Time 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Location: Heritage Park, Milton, ON

Go to for details.
Hope to see a lot of the DTT'ers there.
Pat Cowan,
Vintage Motorcycle Fiberglass


Coast to Coast
Thanks for the heads up Pat ;D Its a lot earliar this year :eek:
Im still loking for ideas for my RZ project (solo seat)


Coast to Coast
Hi everybody,
Just got back from Milton and finished unloading the truck - GREAT DAY!
Great to see a lot of the DTT'ers and VRRA guys out as well as a lot of my other friends, made a bunch of new friends as well.
Weather started out shitty - hit drizzle and fog around 7:30 but by mid-morning, not too shabby and the sun finally came out and made it uber pleasant for the end of Sept.
As for myself, I picked up an aluminum BSA taillight mount for the 350 cafe, a set of velocity stacks that fit perfectly onto the Baby Tracker Keihins and a second, bigger tank for the Tracker that'll be used when I'm not bar hopping with it.
Haven't talked to the organizers yet, but my booth co-conspirator (elder daughter) said she counted more vendors than last time...
Business was brisk, gave some good deals, got some good deals, all in all a pretty good day with nothing of substance to bitch about (except freakin' cold when we first got there LOL).
Pat Cowan,
Vintage Motorcycle Fiberglass

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