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I've got a hot rod Kenny Dreer VR880 engine project I'm never going to get around to, so it's up for sale.


On offer is a very rare Kenny Dreer VR880 engine project that was never assembled, needing not much more than some fastener hardware, carbs, and alternator.

VR880 primary side case half, heavy duty reinforced, unstamped, MkIII alternator stud positions. Prepped by KD.
OEM timing side case half with cam quick-access door (swap cams in place without splitting cases), needle type cam bearing, prepped by KD.
Cylinder deck machined and trued, requires (4) thread inserts on primary side. (partial cylinder mounting hardware)
Oversize nut sump strainer drain plug.
Lightened crankshaft (crank work by Leo Goff).
OEM connecting rods, polished (NOT infamous "D" rods)
Megacycle 560-00 cam for use with 3" radiused lifters.
F.A.G. "Superblend" main bearings.

OEM cylinder block, bored to 880 spec.
JE forged dished 880 pistons & pins with clips
Total Seal gapless 880 ring sets
Baisley prepared VR880 cylinder head with external oil drain, ported to 33mm intakes. (partial head mounting hardware)
All three valve inspection caps w/ acorn nuts.
Kibblewhite Black Diamond 7mm valves, guides, and lash caps.
OEM valve springs with titanium collets.
Custom spigot type intake manifolds (designed for FCR flat slides or CV spigot mount carbs)
Cam followers radiused to 3" by Megacycle.
White Bros. pushrods.
OEM rockers & rocker shafts. End plates included, no hardware.
OEM exhaust rose nuts.

OEM Crank pinion w/ backplate, worm drive/nut.
OEM Intermediate cam drive gear/sprocket, spindle, and chain.
Vernier adjustable cam drive sprocket.
OEM Oil pump & oil line manifold (no hardware)
Camchain adjuster plates (no adjuster "foot" & hardware)
OEM Tach drive assy (no hardware)
(NO ignition system or cover cap)
(NO timing cover)

Carbon fiber primary enclosure (inner & outer halves) - weighs 1lb, 7.8 oz. One of only 3 made for original New Norton 952 prototypes.
Primary cover has cutout on inner cover to accommodate Spyke electric starter conversion
LyteDrive belt drive primary - pulley, clutch basket & belt.
OEM clutch center with sealed bearing, standard plain plates, Sureflex friction plates, and OEM diaphragm spring.
(NO alternator and/or mounting hardware)

VR880 reinforced transmission case with relief cuts to accommodate Spyke electric starter.
OEM inner & outer cover w/ inspection cap.
Entire OEM gear cluster with shafts, forks, fork spindle, camplate & shifter quadrant (no bearings, no index plunger assy.)
Complete shifter mechanism.
Complete kickstart shaft w/ pawl & spring.
(NO clutch lifter assembly parts)

Carburetors, ignition system, electric starter kit, rose joint head steady, alternator, and any other parts at good discounts.

As with every bike, project and part I’ve sold online in over 16 years (with 100% satisfaction), the above listing contains no hype, no fluff and NO BULL.

This is a somewhat rare Kenny Dreer VR880 engine sold to me personally in multiple lots over the years, but never assembled due to the fact that I installed a complete working 850 e-start engine in the original New Norton monoshock prototype bike. I will provide personal verification of the authenticity of all VR and Dreer-provided parts from Mr. Dreer directly to the seller. Kenny is very helpful with assembly tips and important specs known only to a handful of VR owners; he will assist in final assembly, to a reasonable degree via e-mail. Kenny has sold off the remaining VR stock to myself and a half-handful of others, and this is the only engine for sale that I know of.

I have noted what I believe to be all of the missing hardware required to assemble the engine; some studs, nuts, screws, and washers WILL be required.

SOLD AS-IS, WHERE-IS, NO WARRANTY! Some of the core parts on this engine are over 40 years old and there is no way to guarantee them. Classic motorcycles, especially performance based, are inherently dangerous and fragile, and buyer assumes all risk and liability as soon as the parts are paid for.

Delivery of the engine to the lower 48 United States is included with the listing price. Engine will be packed and shipped via FedEx ground in two heavy duty totes, well packed, and fully insured for the total sale price. I will credit $120 toward international shipping and/or local pick-up.

NOTE: ebay shipping calculator will NOT be accurate!!! Engine ships in TWO totes, so I must provide you actual shipping charges based on your address.

Over $10K worth of parts, I'll accept a reasonable offer...

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