Great distressed vintage leather cafe racer jacket w/ patches


Been Around the Block
I've been off this web site and outta the cafe bike scene for a while now but have held onto this jacket for "I really like it" reasons. It fit me for about a week when I was younger (and smaller) some years ago. I thought maybe one of my kids would like it... but alas, nope. It's been hanging in a closet for probably 15-20 years. Anyway, its time to let it go to someone who will enjoy it and get use out of it.

Size: 40
Brand: unknown.
Age: unknown (probably 70's maybe?)
Condition: pretty damn good. Liner is intact without tears. No leather cracks or tears, no age related dry spots, still pliable. Some conditioner might really do it some good.
Price: $200+ shipping? I have no real value reference to go off of beside ebay, I just know it looks cool!
Thanx, lemme know.


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