Greensburg, PA Area.


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Anyone around Greensburg area? Got my project (79 CM400t) out on the road for about a week now. Looking for some cafe-ish or just someone that drives something other than a Harley to ride with.


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Laaaate reply but just registered on this forum. I'm only a short jump from Greensburg in the Irwin area. Don't really have many people to ride with unless I'm on my Harley. When I pull the Duck out, pretty much flying solo. Season's over bu keep me posted in the spring and we can go for a rip.

In the down-time, stop out my new shop 77 Customs on route 30 in N Huntingdon if you want to bs.


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Shit, just saw this post. I'm north of you in Beaver County but am definitely down for some riding come spring. Another member and I are also talking about a regional weekend get together somewhere next summer as well.


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Yes!!! This is awesome i was hoping this didnt just get lost in the noise. So glad there are some others around here.
Ill have to check out your shop soon. im down for us all getting together sometime this spring for a ride for sure.


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Howdy everyone. I grew up in Monroeville so I'm familiar with Greensburg but I live on the other side of the city now not far from the Pittsburgh Airport. Not sure when my new project will be road ready but I'd be up for a regional meet in the future. Been into motorcycles my whole life but took about 7 years off to raise kids, buy a farm, etc. Great to see so many locals here.

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