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Ive been building and riding bikes for a few years now and figured Id venture out onto the world of the internet rather than keep doing my own thing in somewhat isolation. Maybe get some new ideas. Out of the dozen or so bikes Ive cycled through my garage, I currently only have 3. My first RUNNING bike that I learned on, a 96 Suzuki GN125 that I did quite a bit of work on, an 80 Suzuki DS100 dirtbike that is 100% original, and an 82 Yamaha XJ550 Seca that I have big plans for. Small bikes seem to fit me the best. Lol.



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Hey man, welcome to DTT. You have some nice bikes, and the Seca looks like a great start for a cool project. There are a lot of people on this forum with a wealth of knowledge and the willingness to help . I've been a member here since 2013 and I've learned more than I can explain from reading, talking to people, and getting help on this site.
I also prefer small to mid-size displacement bikes... like 160-650. I like your DS100 that thing is clean.

Idle Ender

Thanks. Yeah, I plan on swapping an early FZR/Radian 600 onto it and beefing it up a bit. Modern forks and suspension. Maybe do a small 2-headlight fairing and make it a sort of proto-FZR. Paint it the 81 factory pearl color and rewrap the seat with some 60s Maserati interior scraps I have in the garage. I can imagine Ill get quite a few more ideas hanging around here. The DS isnt as clean as it looks. Lol. Its been sitting a LOOOONG time. It never even went in for its first service, according to the paperwork. Keeps fouling plugs due to the oil injector running super rich, but pulls hard for a few hours when you pop a fresh plug in it. Not too bad for $300.

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