Greetings From Oklahoma!


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Hello DTT from Tulsa, OK!

I'm Joe. I've lived in Oklahoma my entire life, and I've been riding bikes since I was 14. Today I own an '06 YZ450F for playing in the dirt, and I've started my first cafe project on my old '75 CB125S. I'm a very experienced fabricator and engineer with lots of fancy tools at my disposal. This project is for pure fun, much like the bike.

Some general questions I have for the regulars are:

Metal or fiberglass seat? I have zero exp with fiberglass, and a CNC plasma table available. (I'm leaning metal.)

Battery eliminators? Mixed reading leads me to no, but I want to run such a simple setup I can't get a good feel for it. (12V conversion, LED Tail/stop/turn, maybe LED headlight) The headlight will always be on per state law.

Other things I won't think of until it's in my face?

The cafe style is appealing and this site is a great resource. Thanks in advance for your help. \,,/
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