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Hello all!

My name is John, recently got into motorcycles this year around April. Started off getting a 1982 CB450T to learn how to ride on. It was a fun bike, but I wanted something a bit older and more stylish.

That led me to a 1974 CB550K I found in pieces. I managed to assemble the bike from the boxes that were provided while I learned how to ride on the CB450T. It was a fun project that provided me the confidence to bite off more. I would like to put the correct forks on the bike and add a front fender, but I have someone coming to look at it this weekend.

Next came a pair of 71' CB500's I purchased. Both major projects, with one being a bare frame and the other modified into a brat style bike. Being a fan, I decided to work with the brat style 71' and sold the other 71' to my twin brother who is now getting into the vintage Japanese motorcycles. As you can see, this is going to be one fun ride when it is finished!

While I just picked up the CB500's a few weeks ago, I couldn't pass up a screaming deal for the new-to-me 1974 CB750K. Sporting sunrise orange metallic, in fantastic shape, I scored it for a measly $800. Just a tick under 18,000 OG miles, owned by the same gentleman since 1996. I plan to clean it up and keep it stock. Already rebuild the carbs and waiting to fire it up this weekend!

Managed all of this in only a few months... you can say I am hooked!

I will include some photos below but happy to be here! Looking for new friends in the metro-detroit area to ride with as well.


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