Grounding handle bars


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So I swapped the bars on a cb350 and went with some pre drilled cb400 bars. Now the problem is that nothing works for example the starter button. So I tested it by running a wire from handle bar on a nut and applying the wire to the center of the triple tree. Doing this made the starter go. My question is how exactly is are the handle bars grounded. I know known the the switches there are two ground cables that connect to the harness. I also still have the pins that go into the pre drilled holes.
My bike is across town or I could look at it... but if I remember right I think the 350s ground the handlebar controls through the clutch cable? Worse comes to worse, you could make a small bridge with a wire and some ring terminals.
The bars are isolated by rubber bushings in the top triple clamp. My CB350 came with a short wire from the bar clamp to the triple. I'm not sure if this was a factory installed wire, but the bars need to be grounded somehow.
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