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I just got a 1981 GS450L that has ben "cafe-ed" and want to "scramble" it. my question is can i change the stock 16/19 wheels for 17/17 with better brakes on the cheap? barring that 17/18 maybe? i would not be opposed to keeping the rear drum brake, but would like to fit a larger front rotor if possible. plan on getting Shinko 705s if I can. with the stock setup all I can fit is Bridgestone Trailwings. that isn't necessarily a problem, except they cost more and get worse reviews. I will be taking this thing on dirt roads and mild off-roading, not trying to make a "dirtbike" but I want it to be more than looks.
so i found a rear 17" from a GS550 with disc brake. hopeful that is not too hard to convert... but the front is a problem, i have found 18 and 19. i do not really want 3-spoke wheels.
anyone know of a bike with the star type wheels, with a 17/18 front?
i have done some searching, and not found anything really.

does anyone know where i can find info on putting 81 GS550L rear tire and disc brake conversion on a 81 GS450L?
The 1981 GS450S had an 18" front and rear wheels in the "star" pattern. The 81-83 GS650G had a 19" front wheel in the same pattern. Those wheels look great powder coated Gold. Check the GS sites for info on converting the GS550L to your GS450L.
If anyone else is searching this, the GN400 had a 18x1.85 front wheel, which is wider and gives more tire options than the GS 18" wheel that is 1.6" wide. The axle diameter is the same, so just have to make sure that the spacers can be fitted to make it work, and the brake mounting area looks to be the same. If I have any issue with this I will post back on here.
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