GS750 build.


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The guy I bought this off was a bit of a dope: Abused the hell out of the bike, never did any maintenance and when it wouldn't start he'd punch the tank. Eventually, it wouldn't start at all, so he sold it to me. When I got it home,, I checked the vacuu petcocks, and sure enough, they were blocked. I cleared the vacuum lines an it started first pop. But I wasn't going to ride the thing in the condition it was in, so I stripped it down to the last nut and bolt. Plenty of compression, bore and pistons were ok, so I put in a new cam chain, re ground the valves and replaced a few other bits and pieces. It was painted black, including the motor, alloy side covers, hubs and what not polished.. Chrome had a few rust spots, so I polished them out. Sewed up a sear cover for it and it sat around for a few weeks until I could find a tank for it. Once registered, I rode it to and from work for a few years before finally selling it.
The GS750 was a good bike, streets ahead of the CB 750. A bit on the heavy side, but it handled well and performance was pretty good. One of my favourite bikes the GS750. These are the only pictures I have of it taken before I found a tank for it. I ran into the girlfriend of the guy I bought it from one day, she didn't believe it was the same bike.


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Sooooooo, punching the tank does work?
Note to myself ;)

Any chance of seeing a picture of the bike in its street shape? :)
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