GT750 Phat Trakka - new video revised exhaust


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Managed to start the GT750 based tracker the other day. I was planning to fit new plugs and caps, and had a set of old mismatched plugs in just to stop crap from falling in the plug holes.

The bike fired up on its first kick and then I removed one of the plug caps to get a new one. Before I got to the bike store i decided to try our small camera and see if I could get it to record video - and it did.

Unfortunately I forgot to flick the kill switch and forgot all about that plug cap, so here it is running on 2.
Suzuki GT750 Phat Trakka test run

It sounds much better with three new plugs and all 3 plug caps!!!

Now we know it runs, it's time to finish the bodywork and tidy up all the loose ends. I suppose I should mount the radiator too.
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2strokes Forever! Can't wait to see the finished product!
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Can't promise that the paint will be as inspiring as your build, but it is definitely a tuned 2 stroke.

The Caswell kit arrived today and I need to wait for a 70 degree day to seal the tank - that may be be a long wait....

After that it's off to the dyno to test carbs and pipes and a couple of porting specs and different compression rations. We have to remember that it's not a top end race bike, so the pipes have to work at the bottom and mid range for explosive thrust out of corners. Top speed is not waht this one is about, but we'll test

Stock pipes
JEMCO expansion chambers
Strader 3 into 1

OEM BS40 CV carbs
TMX43 flatslides

DYNA ignition
Ignitech ignition

Mild porting
Wild porting with spacer plate and wider ports

High compression heads
Mid compression heads
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The street tracker seat that I bought (used) had a big thick ugly foam and cover, so I sliced the foam in half and made a carbon fiber seat pan to velco to the seat.

Fine but I couldn't use the old cover. Found an auto upholstery place in Lake Bluff Illinois. so I dropped off the seat and pad this afternoon and it's promised for Friday, so let's see how good they are.

So for anyone in Northern Illinois, watch this space for an update
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Didn't see this til now Teazer.....but I'll be watching from here on out......
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Thanks Rich. At the current glacier like rate of progress it ma be a while between posts, but I want the thing finished so I can clear some space and strip and modify the CB160/175 race bikes this season.

And then I can get back to the reed motor.....
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Today I had meetings most of the day and needed something to clear what was left of my mind. I ordered a Caswell tank lining kit which arrived yesterday.

the tank was rusty and had been patched with the oxy torch and brazing rods when I welded in the new flush filler cap. It was also washed out with muriatic acid and rinsed, so I know it was clean in there.

Caswell instructions said to chuck in a pile of drywall screws and a pint of acetone and shake it all around. I did that and much to my surprise out came a stream of brown crappy stuff . That was a surprise. repeated it and then had the fun job of fishing out those screws with a magnet.

Dried it out, mixed up the resin and poured it in. Allowed the surplus to drain out and it looks like it may have worked. I'll check it in the daylight and determine if I need to mix up the other half of the cans to re-coat it.

And of course I changed my mind again on the color scheme and graphics. I now have around 50 quick renders to work out how it should look. The problem is that teh tank is huge and I'm trying to disguise it and make it look like a smaller flat track tank.
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I have been playing with the eCrayons again to try to come up with a color combo that works.

The idea was the tear drop XR750 style but it doesn't seem to work on that bulbous tank, so i tried a few variations of colors and the jury is still out. As of this afternoon I'm thinking Red tank and seat with some sort of white flash on teh side - probably something between a T120 Trumpet and a CB1100R Honda but white on red.

Embedding it stopped the animated gif from working, so I changed it to a link. Hope that works
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I love everything your doing with this bike. But pleeeeeeeeeeeease dont put "Phat Traka" on the the bike. I beg you!
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Louie, I was just about to call our sticker guy to get some Phat Trakka decals made up. Now I have to ask myself if I really want to do that. ;-)

Yes it's a trail tech. It used to be silver, so I disassembled it and painted the outer black for a more stealthy look and took off the idiot lights and put them away.
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Got the seat pad back this afternoon and it's not bad.

You can see the carbon fiber - fiberglass sandwich base I made. They glued and stapled the cover in place. Those are industrial strength Velco patches to locate the seat to the base.


This is the pad placed on the seat (to be painted)
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Nice idea w/ the velcro. How much did that industrial stuff cost you?
The bike sounds like a beast btw.
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Thanks. I bought a couple of packs from Lowe's. One was circles and the other was strips and they were about $3 a pack.

I could have bought a 15 foot roll 2 inches wide for $27. That's enough to attach the kids to their bedroom walls.
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Just read through the build, definitely got my attention.

They did a good job on the seat-looks like it belongs.
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Thanks Ringo.

last night I threw some paint at the tank and the metallic red I wanted to use looks too dark to work with a white panel on the side, so I'm rethinking that.

I rubbed it down again and I'll try a "chrome" paint as a base coat and see how well that works. Looks like it may just end up with one color plus s.u.z.u.k.i decals on the sides, but I was looking for a little more flash than that. It's not supposed to look classy. It's supposed to look like a bike that races on dirt under the lights.

Time to get in touch with my inner trailer park.
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teazer said:
Louie, I was just about to call our sticker guy to get some Phat Trakka decals made up. Now I have to ask myself if I really want to do that. ;-)

Put them on your tool box dude.
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I hear you.

So the dark red metallic looked too dark and now it's been re done in the first coat of burnt metallic bronze. It's not the look I had planned on, so I need to work out what would work with that color or change to a bright orange.....
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About the chrome paint - all the chrome rattle can stuff I've tried ended up being junk. It just never seemed to cure. But I haven't tried it for so long for that reason that it may be better stuff now........

I saw some peel and stick emergency mirror repair tape at WalMart before. Looked promising for something, but I can't think of anything yet......
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