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Been Around the Block
A few weeks ago it was a bone stock, rusty, and dirty '79 SR 500. It is going to be my daily driver, not a show bike. It is going to be a slow going build because of all my other projects but after finding this website, I found some ambition and am going to try to have it going by next spring. I have to many projects! This is where I'm at now. Some more updates within a week or two.

I'm thinking a mono shock, alum. swingarm, billit trees, 19" wheels, dirt track glass. Starting to draw the trees up now.
VonYinzer said:
I have a hotwings XR style seat for sale if youre interested...

I bought one at the vintage motorcycle days last year for it and I'm using a alum Yamaha MX 400 tank that I aleady mod. to fit over the oil tank. The plan in the next couple weeks is to get my trees made and a shock mount made so I can mock the sub frame and swing arm up.
I finally have the trees drawn. I'm going to order the alum Monday and maybe start making them next weekend.


I might have to make a few xtra sets for my flat track bikes.
Dug some parts out of the shed today. The wheels are right off the old SR flat tracker. Brand new rear brakes I got at the VMD's last year for $30. I going to clean up the exhaust pipe and see if I can make it work. I got to make the trees. I have been putting them off for weeks.


I decided today to make a change in the game plan. I going to scrap the alum trees and swingarm idea. :( I really want to do it but don't have time and really want to get this bike back on the road(55 mpg). I going to run the stock trees and mod. the stock swingarm to use a mono shock. Planning on doing some cutting and welding next weekend so I might be able to post a couple pics.
Is it just me or dose that tank look to small with that seat/tail combo? Big arse small boobs? :D
Swivel said:
If you email Maxton or Hagons they should be able to give you the RD250/350LC lengths and eyes,etc.....It will give you something to think about anyhow.....

From Hagon UK:

Part No. M62029
Length 320mm
Top loop mount 12mm x 47mm
Lower loop mount 12mm x 40mm
Std spring rate 80kgs/cm

Part No. M62030
Length 290mm
Top loop mount 12mm x 40mm
Lower loop mount 20mm x 43mm
Std spring rate 120kg/cm
andycafe said:
Is it just me or dose that tank look to small with that seat/tail combo? Big arse small boobs? :D

The pic is distorted. Maybe i'll post another.
Haha your model looks so happy.... your right about the different angles it looks better, but it still looks abit off to me I found an image of a similar bike tank and seat set up, see how the seat cowl follows the line of the coushion on the 1 i found to me makes the bum look skinnier? ;D hey thats just me though I do love where your heading with this. I really like this style of bike ;D


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