Guide me in the right direction - searched. WTfind a smaller/wider front wheel


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So I'm building a pretty clean street tracker out of a 1973 XL250. I'm coming close to assembly but am apprehensive about my current wheel setup. I am planning on going with firestone deluxe's and the current 21 inch front just looks way to tall and skinny to match the rear 18. Where could I find a wider 19' rim and spoke kit for my current hub? I just have no clue where to start and after a few days of searching could use a hand.



Edit: plan on going with 4inch tires.


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Jake - for 4 inch tires I'd recommend a WM3 width rim, or 2.15 inch. You can put a 4 inch/100 wide tire on a WM2 / 1.85" rim but the wider rim would be better I think.

Don't know how many spokes your wheel has, but you can buy rims new with pretty much whatever you want. What size is the rear? Is it disc or drum front?

For my XS650 which I'm running drums front and rear, I used 2 rear WM3 XS650 alloy rims, as the spoke holes were at the right angles for the larger drum hub vs. the stock front rim which would go on a disc hub.


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personally if your doing spokes and rim, id go to 18 to match the rear. more tire sizes, plus it handles better.


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Jake, start at the beginning. What tires do you plan on using? There are real race tires and street chunky tires and dual sports. Look at what's available and then see what rim sizes they require.

Edit, I just noticed you reference to Firestone Deluxe tires. As you were. I thought you were building a tracker. I must have misread that part.


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+1 on 18's front and rear. My XS is set up like that with a 100/18 front and 110/18 rear (should have gone with 90 front but I caved to the fat tire look). Seems to handle nicely.

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