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After a long wait, finally got the seat back from the upholsterer, he followed by instructions and did a great job, but sadly I wasn't as clear as I should have been, so the seat front doesn't fit against the tank as it should, and its too squared off at the front. So it'll have to be redone at some point.. on a better note the other seat he did for me for another project was perfect. I'll wait until I can take the bike to the upholsterer so it will be clear what I want.. One step forward, two steps back..


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Finally got time and space to work on the Guzzi again. Got the seat reupholstered couple of months ago, but only now have I fitted to the bike. The seat unit mounts will need a bit more work, hence its held up at the back by a block of wood in the pic. Next few days will hopefully complete the wiring, using a Moto Gadget M-unit. Then will try to start the engine for the first time in a decade..

Ah yes, been working on the old Guzzi this week, removed the wiring and M-Unit and replacing it with a D-Box, finally modifying the fairing brackets to fit, not an easy mod, and a few other changes. Got a new project arriving tomorrow, so need to work quickly for a change.
Just curious why you’re replacing the M-Unit with a D box
There's nothing wrong with the M-Unit, but the D-Box is a simpler control box, suites the bike, as I would never use all the functions of the M-Unit on the bike, I shall use the M-Unit on another future project. Also the D-Box seems waterproof, certainly a lot more so than the M-Unit, which is helpful with its location on the Guzzi. I was impressed with the D-Box when I recently fitted one, and at half the price of the M-Unit it is good value. Though I shall be retaining the Moto Gadget M-Switches on the bars.
With one project complete, time to move on to the next, my longest running project, the Guzzi..
In this pic the seat isnt mounted correctly, hence its slightly tipped up at the back..

I made some changes back in January, fitted a different speedo/tacho, ripped out all the wiring and started again. Replaced the Moto Gadget M-Unit with a smaller, simpler D-Box, and found out that a standard 30AH battery wouldnt fit the bike with all the mods done to it.

Bought a smaller 19AH AGM MotoBatt battery, very odd shape, and made a new set of brackets to mount it to the alloy plate that was made years ago, which bolts on top of the gearbox

Also fitted a Lemans Mk1 fairing, which meant the original brake lines had to go, along with the front indicators which were bolted to the headlight brackets.

Made an error when ordering the new brake lines, as the Banjo bolts at the calipers bend 90 degrees in the wrong direction. Had to order a second set to fix the problem


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After two weeks enforced break from the garage, I can work on the Guzzi again. Tried to bleed the front brake, only to find the Brembo master cylinder wasn't working.

That master cylinder was given to me years ago, and had no idea what bike it came from. It was stamped '4' and '16', the latter being the piston size I assume. After a lot of time spend looking at Brembo master cylinders on Ebay, found it to be from a Yamaha R6 or R1.

I was about to order a rebuild kit, but found the piston to be sized solid in the bore, which was badly corroded. Didn't think it could be saved, so bought a good used one, soon fitted and once bled felt ok with the original Brembo calipers.

I'm not used to working with modern stuff, so was surprised to find the master cylinder itself also had a bleed nipple.


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Two new float valves and seats arrived, fitted them to the carbs, and fitted the carbs to the bike.. surprisingly the engine fired up immediately. The first time in more than ten years since I've owned the bike. Bit of smoke from the exhaust at first, probably from the oil I poured down the bores years ago.


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Congrats! Great sound, isn't it? BTW: "probably from the oil I poured down the bores years ago." - ya think?
Just a few more small jobs to complete, and its done..


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