Guzzi LeMans 1000 (5) 1988 Cafe


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Bought the Lemon a few years ago after someone paid me silly money for my last Cafe build.
Rode the Lemon for a few years, and 12 months ago stripped it down to Caff it.
Then got lazy and didnt touch it .
2 weeks ago decided to get off my lazy arse and now it's...
A work in PROGRESS


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1st pic is the previous build.
2nd is the Stock picof the Lemon
3rd and 4th, the Mock up for the build

next set of pics
Engine gear box and drive box painted
Powder coat is back.

Still to do,
Paint Tank, seat and guards, build, paint and locate under engine Battry box, assemble.


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Gotta follow this for sure. Seen some nice Guzzi cafs, and you're off to a great start.

john83 said:
Where'd you get that seat mate? Looks like it'd go perfect with my tank.
it's a Ducati 750/900SS seat that has been split and widened to fit the Tonti frame
john83 said:
Where'd you get that seat mate? Looks like it'd go perfect with my tank.
i just realised you possibly meant the seat on the Bumble Bee, that was made by a gentleman in NZ, who i have lost touch with, he was in poor health last i spoke with him and may not be around anymore.
Well finally started the painting,
Firstly, the is my Numero Uno attempt at painting, some flaws are present, however, I do take pride in the fact that other then the gearbox rebuild, it's ALL my work.

Still have to flat the paint back and clear coat it then polish.
Should be starting to reassemble this week.
The hope is a running bike within 2 weeks.
Love your last bike, and very keen to see how this one goes. No doubt you've got the talent and the vision as it looks really good so far. Can't wait for the next update.
Loving the brembos. As for the wiring, hang in there, it will all be over soon and then you'll not have to worry about it for years.
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