Hard tail sport 76


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Hi! Started new project a few of weeks ago.
The bike was darn ugly when it arrived to my shop. I didn't even take a pic of it. Wennt straight to stripping it.
The engine is a full rebuilt. Needs to be run in. Both wheels relaced for 16" .
Going to be a hard tail.
A bit of improvisation as the the build goes. We'll c.

Here is a short photo story of the build so far:

This is where I'm so far. It needs to be final welded and then still quite some work on details left :).

Tell me what you think guys.


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This is how you build a hardtail. Mean, nasty, traditional. By hand. Even the Firestones fit the bill on this one.

If it were mine I'd call it "Middle Finger"

I can already see that the final product will be stunning.


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Thank you all for the good word :D
I wasn't big fan of hard tails before but I think I really like it now.
Definitely not my last hardtail project :D


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Have to say, that is some BEAUTIFUL welding. Great job, all around. Let's see it all finished up and in the sun!


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Is this shop an old abandoned dungeon ??? Seems a good space for creative thought... ever hear silent screams in the welding helmet? :eek:


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Just the short vid of the oil tank being made.

Harley Davidson Hard tail Oil tank: https://youtu.be/LdSfGXARO68


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Very nice! Diggin the bend jig for the vice... right click save that one for later.

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