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This morning I got a call from my uncle, and he told me that he was at a swap meet and was looking at a Harley sx175(originally thought it was a 250) that is in need of some love, but had lots of potential. He doesn’t have the time to take on the project and wants me to return it to its former glory for him, so I guess I have a new project on my hands. Unfortunately I still have two weeks before I finish this semester, so I wasn’t able to actually lay eyes on it, but he tells me that there seems to be lots of compression, and it is mostly there. At this point my biggest concern is the ignition system(I’m assuming it’s points), and the carb. Im not too worried about the coil, as that’s something I can work around, but the rest of the ignition might be tricky. I really don’t know a ton about these bikes, I’ve only ever seen one other aermacchi in person, and that was a 125. If anyone knows any good parts sources, or has anything on hand, please let me know. Until I can lay eyes on it in a few weeks, I won’t really know what I need, but he is talking about doing a mostly full resto, so im sure we’ll need quite a bit. Definitely looking forward to this one!

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That is in great shape.. those bikes got tore up so you don't see too many.. should make a nice project!
Well unfortunately this bike is no longer on the project list. Since it’s not mine, I didn’t get a say in the situation. The bike was missing some parts that the po supposedly had, but when he discovered that the parts he had were actually for another bike, he offered to just take it back. I may make an attempt to get in touch with that guy and buy it myself, so if that happens I will update this thread, but for now I’m sad to say goodbye to this project

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