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yadada blah.... im english living in norway, i own a gt125 (1980, also known as an rg125) its a cafe but more of a rat, its scruffy noisey and rusty, but mechanically sound, recent big end bearings and seals, lots of porting work. currently its in storage (i hope!) in the uk untill i get it over here. i also own an lt1 camaro which is much better condition than my bike. oh and im a full time bike mechanic.
aha! edited! i will learn to use computers better one day!
Ok then. Welcome to the site man!

Are you using Photobucket? If so, copy and paste the "IMG" link to here.
im not good with computers so not really sure how to edit, also how do i post pics up? i attached the link but then its not posting if that makes sense? im all for constructive critisism, i really dont mind if you guys bite my head off over my mistakes .everyone is very creative here, even if it is a bike i dont like there is always something really awesome on it which is good. i dont mean to ofend anyone in my previous post.
ps anyone else ever seen a gt125 without the ram air head or spoked wheels?
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