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Hi everyone, my name is Mauro, I'm 35 and I'm from Italy.

My family has always been interested in motorcycles, with my grandfather being a close friend of a local professional rider, and my father owning more or less 40 bikes. He put me on a tiny motorcyle when I was 6 and I've never stopped riding since (I still have my first minibike!). When I was about 12-14 I begun working in a small classic cars and bikes' workshop just outside my home, and when I was older I continued working as an apprentice motorman in a shipyard.

Now I do a totally differnt job but motorcycles are still my first and biggest passion, I love pretty much every kind of motorcycles except the likes of BMW GSs and Benelli Trks.
The bikes I love the most are classic bikes, custom and sportbikes, better if old ones.

I currently own 4 motorcycles and a Vespa and I'm going to virtually show my garage to all of you in the next post :)

Thanks for accepting me and ride safe!
Welcome Mauro! Can't wait to see the collection, even if you don't like BMW GSs (I'm not a fan of the new ones but would have an R80GS any day of the week).
Hello! Thanks a lot for the kind messages! I LOVE any classic BMW, until more or less the F800S. My favourite are the R850R, R45-R65, the R80 and R100, and I'm going to test ride a wonderful R80S in a few months! I was referring to today's GS, and the likes, which I don't like because they remind me of two-wheeled robots instead of nimble, agile motorcycles :D
And I'm going to show you my bikes now, stay tuned :D
I had the F800ST and an R1200ST and agree - I'm more a fan of the classics but primarily because of the electronics. The R1200ST had a faulty fuel sensor in the tank that was going to cost $1000 to replace, and the fuel pump went on it twice, thankfully with a recall that covered the $1200 cost.

I sold it for a friend - had the fuel pump replaced by BMW and sold it the next day before anything else could go wrong with it.

I trust my 1975 R75/6 to get me anywhere. It's got a 1000cc Siebenrock kit on it and other reliability upgrades. It and my DRZ400S cover the range for me, although I do have other bikes for fun. If I stumble across an R80GS I'll buy one but they're getting to be very expensive now.
Now the R75/6 is a wonderful machine, one I'd add to my stable without thinking a second! And I'm lurking the used bikes market every now and then, for a R65, or something like that........ maybe in the future I'll find a deal... we'll see :D
The DRZ looks really really fun too!
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