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Brand new member here from AZ, USA. I have what should be a quite cool project. I have inherited my Father's 1974 Kawasaki T500. Bike is a basket case. My biggest concern is finding parts. Like the banjo bolts with check valves for the oil feed. I have one, but the other is missing. I pulled the motor and it looks really good so far. Pistons and cylinders look good, VERY clean oil came out when drained. Any suggestions on parts and or where to post this project ? We are not doing this for a profit, will never sell the bike. Just want to make sure we can actually get the parts needed.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome Josh - glad you found us and registered!

There's a full Project section on the site here https://www.dotheton.com/index.php?forums/projects.48/

If you have an idea of where you're headed with the project in terms of full restoration, cafe racer etc. you can choose the appropriate area to start your project thread in. I can move it at any time if you change direction.

Most of the parts should be easy finds - lots of members here can help point you to the right resources.
Thanks for the replies. I will be taking pictures and start a new thread in the project forums tomorrow.

Tim, I am not sure where this will take me, but I am thinking a full resto is not what I'm after. I for sure will not be hacking anything to keep it from a full resto in the future. So for now I think I will post in the cafe project forum.

welcome and until your build thread I was wondering what a Kawasaki T500 was LOL.
LOL. I have been doing this over and over. Don't know why but I keep calling it a Kawasaki and not a Suzuki. I even stopped in a dealer to find parts and went to the Kawasaki counter today. Maybe covid brain mush syndrome ?
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