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Hi Everyone, I am new to the Vintage bike scene, but I have been wanting a project for quite some time and love 2 strokes, so I just acquired a 1974 Suzuki GT250 Hustler. I love the site, and I am looking to learn as much as I can and contribute what I already know.

I acquired the bike with a title (belonged to my friend), it ran 4 years ago, due to a divorce he left the bike sitting at the ex wifes house for 4 years, he also didn't take care of it well. He bought it from the original owner a few years before that who ran it from time to time. The bike is in great shape (not missing anything) but needs EVERYTHING updated. It currently does not run (22k miles), its not seized up, but no compression on the 1st cylinder so I will be rebuilding the engine.

At the moment I acquired a spare tank, the original tank had a dent, and I found a perfect one for $20 (with rust) so I just finished the POR-15 rusty tank process today, and will be painting next week. Anyway, ill be posting up my project soon!


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Cool starter mate ;) welcome onboard hope to be of help :D or give a little inspiration :p look forward to project thread chuck some pics up when ya get chance



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Welcome to DTT. That's a rad little bike. I'm actually picking up an earlier T250 Hustler next week. Lets see some pics of this thing!


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Thanks guys, I'm super excited with the bike and I can't wait to get it running. I want to restore it to it's previous glory but I might divert from that and go a different route.

Here are some pics:

Here she is outside my friends ex-wife's house in Brooklyn, where he left it:

It was a pain to get it in the pickup truck as the front brake was locked up, but some friendly neighbors helped us out.


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So I bought this tank locally for $20 thanks to Ebay, it has rust in it, but the tank itself it immaculate:

I became buddies with the guy who sold me the tank, he has a complete GT250 in bad shape, but it has parts, so he told me if I need anything to let him know. Even though I won't be using them much, I am picking up the factory solid saddle bags and mounting kit from him next week. As you can see, the saddle bags have integrated turn signals and they are in great shape inside and out (nice respray would do them good), I've never seen them and don't mind keeping them around for a long trip someday.



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I will be painting the bike the same color as my Suzuki SV1000S - Burning Copper Metallic - YAV

I've been meaning to color match the GSXR front fender on my SV, and have an aftermarket under tail painted so I'm having my paint guy do the GT250 tank and side covers at the same time.



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So on to the good stuff, here's the tear down:

-Front brake locked up (caliper is shot, master needs a rebuild, steel braided lines sound good to me)
-Seat pan is rusted and breaking in some areas - leather is surprisingly perfect (seat strap broke).
-Cylinder #1 no compression, #2 consistent 88-90, will be rebuilding with new everything
-Shocks are rusted out, friend is giving me his Harley Sportster shocks for $50 (might try them out) or go with the Chinese Ebay ones for now
-Front forks for sure need new oil and seals
-Coil is done - ordered a new one
-New battery etc...
-Carbs were locked up, ordered a rebuild kit and will be cleaning them up and getting them ready
-Need a new headlight bucket, PO gave me 2 sealed Suzuki factory sealed headlights, might switch to H4 though
-New to somehow find new tires, no idea where to get a 3.0-18 front tire, PO gave me a "new" 2006 Cheng Shin rear tire which I'm not sure I want to use
-New chain/sprockets etc..

Anyway, on to the pics:

Tear down

That oil cover was a PITA to get to

Need to clean the wheels and check them out, so far no spokes missing

Seat pan rough

Fenders and exhaust are perfect (no dents), just need some steel wool and some chrome polish



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Used POR-15 this weekend
Rusty Tank

After Marine clean and now Metal Ready and a hair dryer, it looks powdery , just waiting for the POR-15 tank liner:

Here's the POR-15 all done, and after 14hrs of drying. A few more days and it will be good for gas. But it's going into paint in a few days.

Taking off side cover emblems and faux metal cover


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So guys, while looking for parts I randomly stumbled upon this article on MY BIKE!


-Tank rust is gone and ready for fuel
-Tank and body parts are getting painted
-Bike is getting fired up hopefully today

I need to now shop for some tires:
3.0x18 Front - 90/90-18
3.25x18 Rear - 100/90-18

This sound right to you guys?

Looking for miscellaneous bits and pieces, very hard for this bike. Anyone know where to get the tank decals? Or know a company that makes replicas?


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Tires are hard to buy for this bike. I just bought some Avon AM26 Roadrider tires, I'm a big Pirelli fan but unfortunately they don't make anything that could work on this bike in the proper sizes.

90/90-18 - Front
100/90-18 - Rear

I also got some new tank and side cover emblems, and some replacement glass for the gauges.

If anyone wants a brand new Cheng Shin 4.0-18 from late 2006 and you're in NYC, for $20 you can take it


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Thanks MotoMadness.

Update - Parts ordered:
-Ordered chain & sprockets
-Front brake pads
-Speedo, Tach & Clutch cable (piece of mind)
-New grips
-Clubman bars
-Fork seals

Ill eventually get some steel braided front lines, headlight bucket, badges, etc...

Ill update the thread with pictures soon, still waiting on painted parts to come back along with getting the engine started.


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Here's the latest update, paint. My buddy called and said the tank has a lot of little small dings that with new paint will be noticeable, so I told him to go ahead and take them out (bodywork) and complete the paintwork process so it looks good (might as well), its just a bit more $:



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Will do on the HEL lines.

Rpino I'm down, just been super busy but lets stay in touch and meet up one of these days. I ride with a lot of guys here in the city and hold rides in NJ, LI, etc...

Paint is happening today:


Nice!! I am trying to paint my tank and a few other parts... Interested in helping and hanging for a bit this week?


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Rpino7 said:
Nice!! I am trying to paint my tank and a few other parts... Interested in helping and hanging for a bit this week?
I would love to dude but I'm locked in till April, getting married so all my time is focused on that right now. Lets save it for after April.


Ah! Congrats bro! No worries. Marriage is awesome.. been married for 4 years and blessed! Let me know when she lets you free up. Not that I need help, just want a like minded individual that loves motorcycles. Keep in touch.

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