Hello from Oklahoma


Hey everyone,
I just signed up to be a part of this forum so that i can learn about motorcycles. I recently picked up a 1980 CB750c and have been riding it for a few months. I feel like its a bit underpowered and after 600 miles, its starting to make some noises.

Now that i have owned it for a while im noticing the faults it has and im looking to make it mechanically sound. Its not the best time cause its going to start getting cold & i dont have a garage but ill get it done.

I have attached some photos of the bike before i made my small customizations to it.


Ride it Just Like you Just STOLE it!!
Very Nice!!
Really like the seat and the clipons
Once sorted it will be a Great Bike for you
Had a CB Back in the early 80’s
Carried me and all kinds of gear on all kind of cross country adventures....
Good Luck & Enjoy!!


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Welcome. Nice looking around-town scoot. The pods are not doing you any favors. If you really want to improve performance, either change the carbs (several good solutions on this forum) or put the stock airbox back on. Maybe someone on here has a jetting solution for them, but generally going to pods really kills performance on these without rejetting and a lot of tweeks.


Thanks for the welcome and the info. The pods were on the bike when i got it. I have heard that with the stock carbs, they can be troublesome. I did end up changing out one of the jets to a slightly larger size & the throttle response changed for the better.

Right now im dealing with a weird sound when the bike is running. Ill be making a new post about that one soon and would appreciate any input you may have about it.

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