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Hi from Northern California. Right now in hopes that none of my friends are being burned out and just waiting for the heat to die down.
Being a Old Guy I'm retired and have a small shop that builds Cafe Bikes and Vintage Race bikes. My Mates and I have built motorbikes that have raced in AHRMA and at Phillips Island Classic also the Manx Classic. We've also done Daytona Speed Week with a R-6 in the 200 and a MotoGuzzi 1000 LM in the vintage races.

The motorbikes we are building now are a pair of GS1100E's, a Honda NC-30 and the MotoGuzzi for a few Irish Vintage Road Races and with luck the Isle of Wight and Mexico Road Races. This is if we are ever allowed to leave the USA.

My Road Race rider has 25 or so IOM starts and we're adding a friend for some of these events. He'll be riding a 1993 GSXR 1100 and another GS1100E/ I'm also in the process of putting together a Featherbed (clone) powered by a Hinkley twin that I've bored out to just under 1000's

So here I am I'll be dodging embers drinking lots of ice-tea and trying to stay cool.

Welcone Rich! Hope you stay fire-free!
Welcome mate.
The Hinkley in a featherbed sounds like a very interesting project.
What I did was make a modern copy of the Featherbed chassis using the basic design but with better modern materials as the original chassis would have never tolerated the added weight not to mention the added horsepower. She's close to being done and has been together once and back apart for powder coating.
I've gotten behind because a woman violated my rideaway some time back and put me in hospital and my motorbike in the salvage yard. Now I'm trying to get the race bikes ready for next year and then on to the Featherbed modern vintage build.
NC30 is a rare beast on this continent and a very competent bike. I like the idea of a modern triton, but back in the early seventies I drew up a frame that not surprisingly ended up rather like a Rob North triple frame and I'd like to see a modern Triumph motor in one. In retrospect I was probably inspired by Ian Laurie's (sp?) Trident from around that time.

That might be a tidy bike with modern geometry and suspension. maybe take a modern Triumph, keep the front and back end and motor and replace the rest. Somewhat like a modern version of a Hyde Harrier or Harris Magnum.
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