Hello from the UK


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
i had the rear brake off the one of those on the front of one of my 750's, it'll fit straight onto cb900 forks ( which also fit straight into a 750 sohc) as long as you cut 1cm off the outside of the disc...a very convoluted way to get a decent caliper onto a sohc but it worked
That’s what I like 2 hear.
No such word as “can’t”.
The only boundary is time.

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Rebuilt the carbs the other day.
Glad I got an ultrasonic bath off eBay.
Loads of muck came off & out of them.

Just had this pic sent 2 me of the tank.
Can’t be long now...

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Thanks guys.

Here is a short vid of it outside...


Took it for an MOT & it failed on rear indicators, no rear reflector, headstock bearing too tight & a missing split pin.
All rectified & taking it back for a free retest next Thursday.

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