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I have a small but profoundly annoying paint chip on my tank. I've looked all around for the particular paint that it uses to no avail. Does anyone know anywhere I can buy it online or provide me with the means for me to be able to mix it. I live in the UK. My bike is a 125 15' Ace. Huge thanks in advance.

On a more personal note, Hello everyone. it's amazing to see this niche community. I thought I was alone when asking questions to my biker friends for them to shrug their shoulders. Glad to have found you.


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Hi CambridgeAce,

Welcome to the fold,and nice to have another UK Ace on-board. Assuming that it is the standard silver /grey colour, courtesy of Tad, when he did his fairing, he had the paint analysed as follows: Kawasaki Grey Ninja ZX12R Code KAW 7E.

I can verify that this is absolute spot on as I used this code to paint my fairing and it is identical to the OE Skyteam colour.

You should be able to get a touch up pen or pot from Halfords or any motor paint specialist made up to order. Good luck!


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HerbertD, could you please post some photos of your fairing mounts as i have one to fit at some point. JP59
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