Help me please? $10?


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Hey guys, I'm Khai from Singapore.
I joined this forum a long long time ago. Back then I was riding an Yamaha RXK135, a small simple bike that I mainly use just for work.
It's been like 5 years since I've been on a bike, because my life was messed up. I've dropped out of school, been to jail, seen a psychiatrist, got fired, bla bla bla. The works.

Anyways. Recently I've gotten my life back together. I went back to school, got myself a Diploma, topped the class, and I'm even riding again! Now a Honda CG125! So with my new found glory, I wish to do something good for myself, my family and my friends who have encouraged me all this time. The problem is, there are still a million people who think I am useless, evil, no-gooder, bum who is gonna ruin everybody's life. It's sad really. I need a little more help.

I just started my own business doing graphic design. But I want to do more. Recently someone gave me the opportunity to buy over his business, but I can't cos my own business is relatively new and I don't have enough cash. If I don't take over from him before end of July, he is gonna shut the business down and liquidate his assets because he is old and wants to retire. I can't let that happen! I grew up with this. And I know I'm the man for the job! I've learnt so much about working hard.

Now I'm asking for your help. Anybody. No matter how little. I've started a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible, and I need donations from people. In total I need to raise SGD40000, thats like USD29000. But I'm only asking for help with the initial SGD10000. I will toil for the rest.

Check it out here:

Please please please help if any of you can? Where I come from we have this saying, "little by little, in time it'll be a mountain". So I hope anybody out there, no matter where you're from, can help me realize my dream. Just help me with your little, and in time, it will be a mountain.

Thank you for your time.
Ingin tahu aja. Aku kerja di Asia Tenggara, cakap melayu, dan kadang2 ke sana.

Rasanya susah minta uang begitu -- mungkin jadi, tapi kita semua di sini pakai uang sendiri untuk projek kita...
Oh okay.
Memang susah kalau cakap pasal uang. Tetapi, uang yang aku minta bukan beribu-ribu atau berjuta-juta. Cuma $10 aja. Atau seberapa yang mampu lah. Lagipun, bukan nya minta untuk setakat minta aja. Aku ada offer rewards utk sesiapa yang menolong. Graphic design services or whatever.

Takpa la. Pelan2.
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