Help my girl be the cutest kid and win $250 we will put towards her future education.


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Seems to have counted mine from North Carolina. Internet providers can mask your location, although they seldom do.


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Yep, folks seem to be able to or not. Thanks for trying if you can't vote and thanks for voting if it works.


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Voted again. We're all working to get her college fund started. Of course w/ a start of only $250 you've better hope that she's bound for a vocation a bit less lofty that being a Vet or MD!

It seems to let you vote once per day. After you vote this message shows up:

Thank you for your vote! One (1) vote per IP Address, per day, will be considered.


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Thanks, we have a fund already but this will be a little boost to it. Here in Canada the government matches your savings up to 2500 a year if your kid goes to school so we put 70 a month away and the government puts 70 in a month and it gains interest like a mutual fund, when she goes to school we get all our money + interest and the government money + interest. If she doesn't go to school we just get our $ and interest back and other kids get the $$ from government so that can actually be more if there are a lot of kinds in the same fund who don't go.

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