Help with first build - fender/suspension


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I'm nearly done with my 1970 CL450 build and have hit a roadblock. I was planning on chopping the rear fender and realized the gap between the fender and tire is huge and I don't like it. I assume what most people do is go with shorter shocks? And then I'd have to raise the forks in the triple (although I only have limited room with the handlebar). And my bike is already pretty low as it is.




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Sorry I can get pictures in the morning. And to be more specific - I opted not to chop & loop my frame so it's stock as well as the seat and rear fender.


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Given the CL450 is a Scrambler, the suspension travel / clearance from wheel to fender is likely appropriate. Post pics, but the bikes look pretty awesome in stock configuration.


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here ya go...untouched fenders on the bike...still looking for someone who sells a bobbed one that would fit that's polished/chrome. The ebay ones that were mentioned look to small in the dimensions (CG125 etc)


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