Here's my modded XS750 - Soon to be 850


Not been around for a while but thought I'd pop up my journey of my XS750. Granted not a true cafe like my fathers Triton of the 60's but this old bike landed in my hands 5 yrs ago in a right old state and its been through a few changes since.

Started out left in a garden ... non runner, an absolute mess of a bike but somehow got in running... working and road legal and gradually it developed into a nice bike, running as an XS750, R6 / Fazer front end, Triumph carbs, and many mods to the original bike, rear sets etc. Even - won a few awards at shows. But my plan was always to fit the oil cooler, 850 engine (its simply a stronger engine and box) , make it look like a yamaha 70's TZ, and fit a 17" rear and 18" front so its all back apart now.

The rear cowl is custom made, front 18" wheel from the XS400 and a 17" rear which is wider, along with 850 swingarm so I can run a 130 rear tyre.

Frame has been welded up and I've stripped it back a little and welded the mods much better now its apart and will be off to powder with all the other bits next week. So will keep you updated of progress I'm aiming to be back on the road for April.


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