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My names Al, from the uk.. I’m 39 and love building bikes esp old hondas.

my first project was a 1977 CB550 Supersport! Once a bit of a wreck and destined for the scrap heap, I managed to get it back to some kind of former glory changing it up as I went along.
the bike was done on a bit of a budget and I used it as an opportunity to get to know these little bikes!
I now have a 1981 CB750F Dohc which I am slowly getting through.. practicing my metal fab skills and learning new trades!
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Welcome......really nice looking bike.

Good luck with your future build. Like to see some pics of it as well,


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Welcome Al. Love the old Honda's. Here is one of my winter projects. Bought in boxes. Hope it looks 1/2 as nice as yours.


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NIce!! Those stator plate covers are like gold dust! Surprised its still on! The 550's are great little bikes to work on.. the main issues I had were re-jetting for the pods and wiring in a non return diode when deleting the dual indicator idiot lights for a single one on a new speedo!
Any issues make sure you shout at me! Im no pro builder but can always share what i learnt along the way! Keep wrenching!


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My first rebuild was also a 550. First riding bike was a 500, but I sold it and bought a project 550F and rebuilt the motor (twice) and restored it.

When I have a large building to store all the bikes, I'll definitely get another 550. Ideally an early 550K to get the improved transmission etc. for that model while maintaining the classic lines of the 500K tank, gas cap etc.

Sold the 550 to buy my BMW R75/6 when someone with deep pockets and no sense came knocking on my door.

CB500K 2004.09.06 003.jpg

cb550f last.jpg


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Welcome Al, that one great-looking bike, really clean and well built. Looking forward to watching your 750 take shape!

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