Hey from Salt Lake City Utah!


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Browsing cafe racer forms at 3 am brought me here, this is my CB750/836 “Norton” build. Stoked to be a part of this community!





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Classic build. Welcome to the fray. My sis lives in the SLC area (Kayesville). Love it out there.
Welcome - glad you stumbled across the site. SLC is on my list of places to visit. I think I might have flown through one time, but didn't get out of the airport.
"Send me to hell or salt lake city it'd a be about the same to me". I don't believe Kid Rock. Welcome to the site.
Attended a conference in SLC once, hosted by BYU Physics dept. Beautiful city. Toured the tabernacle and conference center. Even got to walk through the pipes of the organ while it was being played.
Beautifully done 750. Glad to have you here! Welcome to the Fray.
Thanks to all of you! I hope to run into any of you in person someday, Thankful for what this community has to offer in the rough times of 2020 and covid.

Do The Ton.

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