Hi folks :-)


Hi everyone,

My name is Anthony, I'm 20 years old and I live in Belgium (Antwerp).
I bought my ace a week ago and I am already in love with it :D
It's my first 125cc motorcycle, though I have had my crazy period a couple of years ago... (Camino, Dax, Yamaha DT,...)
Right now my Ace is still stock, it goes about 90-95km/h on the dash.
I use it as a daily to get to school (+-70km a day), I think next week I'm gonna buy some mirrors because I really miss them :-\
You guys have any tips or tricks for my Ace?


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G'day Anthony!

Good to have you aboard.
There are 263 pages in the Resource, you're bound to find some ideas you like. Unfortunately a lot of my old photos are missing due to a photo-service fail, but if you need anything I might be able to find it in my archive.

Seem to be a few 'Ace' owners in Antwerp so maybe a someone can help you with local information.

Enjoy the ride!



Hey Anthony and welcome to the site, I'm fairly new too...would highly recommend having it a look through this forum as there is a wealth of information. There is also a Facebook group with some good stuff. Think it's a great little bike, the gearbox and engine get better with age, but most would agree it's a good idea to check the torque setting for as many nuts and bolts as you can...there are lists somewhere on here or you can find them on the Facebook page, safe riding

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Welcome Anthony
I've been riding my ace for a few years and made quite a few upgrades since I bought it.
I live in Antwerp as well. Maybe we'll meet up some day for a ride
Have fun with your ace


Welcome Anthony. You’ll find lots of advice on this forum, I hope you enjoy it.

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Welcome to the great world of the Ace!

I've also added you to the Google Map.

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