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Hello guys
I'm Per from Denmark and happy to join your forum. I'm the proud owner of a 81 1000SP Guzzi which is is some kind of scrambler/cafe racer setup for now.

I must admit I bought the bike partly done last year and have spent the time riding rather than wrenching. Pictures are from last autumn, right now it's in the shed for a 36mm carb upgrade, beaten up Lafranconi Competitione exhaust, clip'ons and other small things to make it a bit more the way I wanted it.

I also own a harley bobber with rigid frame and shovel engine. But I got tired of having it on the lift more than on the road and didn't like it's poor handling and braking abilities, this was why I turned my head towards the Guzzis. I have not decided yet but leads towards selling the Harley since I probably won't be riding that anytime soon.

I'm engineer by trade and love doing things with my hands. I live in the countryside outside one of the larger cities in Denmark (Kolding for people who knows the area) with my wife and our 4 kids. All five takes their toll on my spare time so I enjoy the moments where I can jump the Guzzi and pretend I'm riding into the horizon with just a toothbrush and a credit card for luggage.

I look forward to join your community and hope I can learn from you and chime in where I have a bit of knowledge.



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I figured I would return the favor and post on your intro thread. Great looking bike! My dad had a similar Guzzi a while back, but I was a bit younger and don't remember what the model was exactly that he had. Yours is in much nicer shape. I like that your interested in the riding and wrenching equally. I hope to have my 750 done for the summer so I can ride that and work on another 200T project I have lined up. Looking forward to seeing the progress!


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