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Hi I am new to do the ton. I am just sorting through the plethora of information and knowledge. A bit about me. My older brother is guilty of infecting me with the whole cafe bug. He did the typical thing brothers do and dangled a cool idea in front of me knowing I would latch on and run like a giant musky. Ha ha. I purchased a 1970 k4 cb175 from a coworker last summer and have since gotten it running though not well. Seems to die on a random cylinder when it gets hot. I suspect it has something to do with the god awful mouse poop smell. The bike sat from 2000 til last summer in a shed. This issue as well as lower than normal compression (around 105 to 115 in each cylinder) has led me to the decision of rebuild and custom modification. So far I have ordered i new rectifier, condenser, points and wiring harness. I have a total of 3 tanks, the original has a really bad kreme job and a bad crease on the side from one end to the other, one that is in decent shape but wrong color and one that is from around a 71 i think. I am hoping to make a really nice, clean cafe bike. Also just started researching an A123 battery pack. Any input, advice etc is more than welcome.
Lots of us new guys showing up with CB175's. Definitely worth the work, they're a barrel of monkeys running right. Thats odd about it losing a cylinder once its hot though. That would immediately make me think there's a coil issue, but seeing how the same coil fires both cylinders, maybe a plug wire issue? The boot on my left cylinder is finicky if it gets bumped into, perhaps yours heats up and gains resistance? Just spit balling at this point.

On a somewhat related note, I just posted some pics of my 72 CB175, should be at the top of this forum, check em out.
Really nice work. I like the brown seat. Came out really nice. I saw this bike at mid ohio and fell in love. Ha ha. I am thinking a similar paint job for my 175 only green and white with some gold mixed in. Only time will tell.

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