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I have decided to remove the ignition column and the bike has been wired to just a toggle switch.
However, i'd like to wire in a second toggle switch. A hidden "immobilizer" if you will.

Ideally, i'd like it to not even crank over with this switch in the OFF position .... for when i leave my bike unattended. But if i do anything around the starter solenoid, it still leaves the option of push starting the bike, right?
If i go for anywhere around the coils, then it won't run, but some yahoo might kill my battery attempting (unlikely, but you never know)

Anything i can do that would take care of both with 1 toggle switch?

1983 Honda CB750 Nighthawk.

Thanks guys!!


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You could wire a simple toggle switch capable of handling say 20 amps, into the main battery feed.

That way, when it's OFF, nothing would work,. No lights. No starter. No ignition.

That hidden main switch could be RFID triggered or a mechanical switch or could be used to trigger a relay which would carry the heavier main current. That's what I would do, so you are never seen fiddling about with a hidden switch. It's a proximity switch that works on a key fob in your pocket. All invisible and tricky.

You could probably link it up to a cell phone using a suitable module but that's more stuff to hide.


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wow, I would really like to see how you wire this.

Sounds like a neat ideal.


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Motogadget make an rfid relay kit for this purpose, i installed one on my cb390 project amd it worked well.

a cheaper alternative would be a Double Pole toggle switch.
use one pole to interrupt the ignition and the other to interrupt the starter solenoid feed
a further option would be a double pole double throw toggle switch, with this you could make the horn sound if someone pressed the starter button !



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My ign switch was destroyed by the deer. I have a 20 amp toggle inside my faux tank wired like teazer said to the main 12v from the battery. I unlock the trunk flip the switch and then go. When I stop I turn it off then lock the trunk and you cant get to the switch unless you trash the tank.


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Thanks for the ideas!!

I got the main feed through a 20amp toggle right where I removed the ignition cylinder.

Now I just have to trace that wire further back and add another, hidden, toggle that will be the "kill" switch and the front will just be on/off instead of key.


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check with Tim, he may be able to pull those 3 together and link from the originals to a new build thread.


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Too bad - your bike deserves one. It's a little hard to keep up and conglomerate progress to be honest.


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Send Tim a PM and ask. He's consolidated threads like yours for folks before and can make it a lot easier on you

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