Holy Cow! Heat causes buckle in road. Caused motorcyclist to shit pants!

Yeah, its been freaking hot around here, haven't seen a road buckle like that thought, most are just rough as hell and shittly patched. Last I checked its almost been a month straight of solid 100+ days.
News says it "feels" like 115 here in Atlanta today. It felt like 120 under the helmet on the way in this morning.. My air cooled engine doesn't like the traffic in this heat.. that's for sure.
That's crazy I've never seen a buckle like that. It's been high 90s and over 100 here in south GA for a few weeks now. The isolated thunder storms help a bit but when I say isolated I mean ISOLATED almost everyday for the past month the forecast has called for 30-60% chance of rain. It's rained 3 times that I've seen!
whew that's... interesting. Heats been crazy here in southern Indiana as well. It's around mid 90's with a Heat Index so it feels like 110.
I've seen buckles worse than that. We get them on a fairly regular basis. I don't recall anyone ever being seriously injured though... thankfully.
Dude was on the local news, interviewed in the hospital bed. Made a good ATGATT commercial. He went over the bars and landed on his face first, had a gnarly looking full face helmet. : ) And shredded textile jacket and pants, but ZERO road rash. Our roads SUCK compared to what they were 20 years ago. :(
Hwy 59 is freshly paved asphalt, and instead of smooth and level, it's constant camber changes and whoops. Even a straight requires constant steering input.
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