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this tool is used by crazypj in his 360 carb sync video and i was wondering if anyone has a P/N or knows anywhere that re-makes this tool or has an old one laying around. i was watching a vintage lot of honda tools on ebay that had one in it but couldnt subject myself to bid the 300$ just to get the one thing i wanted, so i let it pass.

anyhelp would be great


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Tone of them around in the $30 range.


The gauges are easy to fab, either buy some, plastic hose, etc. the hard part is the manifold port adapters. the ones sold commercially do not fit the CB360.

CrazyPJ made these for me (for $). they are brass and the correct thread size for the port:


They have slightly larger threads than the ones sold elsewhere:


PM CrazyPJ and, if he is up to it, can make you some...He's a pretty good guy, despite living up to his name 8)


let's talk shop
no no no no guys, i have the gauges and my bad for not being specific. it looks like a long T-handle with a screw driver bit in the middle of a nut driver so you can balance the one carb to get them in sync.....i know i could just use an extension and a flat head and do this but i like to have the real deal. anyone know what i'm talking about now?


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Yeah, I thought that might have been what you were asking about. I noticed it too. Can't actually help you there ??? and too lazy to look up his video again right now.


let's talk shop
yeah that's it! thanks for the link, i'm going t snag one of these. i've seen the colortune before, has anyone used that before. it looks cool.


let's talk shop
the nut on my carb is a 7mm so i need to try and get a 8mm nut that will work with that bolt, ill see what i can do but im going to order it none the less, i can always tap it the next size up


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Should you guys recommend this for cb360 and a cb750?


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I use the 2 gauge version, works fine. Might shop around for it, should be able to get it cheaper.

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