Honda CB seven fifty f2 (New to this)


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After searching this forum for some CB 750 f2 cafe builds i noticed that there arent much of those around.
Now i wonder if theres a reason for that... Since i could not find a rule for not posting a F2 project im gonna give it a go
and post mine.

First of all a introduction is the politest way i think so here it go's:
I'm Benjamin from belgium , a complete noob at building Café Racers and mechanics in general.
I have seen some amazing projects and don't think i will ever complete a masterpiece like i see on this forum.
But if you don't try you won't know.

So here is my bike when i picked it up . like the title says a CB 750 Sevenfifty F2.

i thought this might be a good base for a caferacer.


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I made my first mistake not taking pictures of the before and after.....

i have seen a really cool style of tank so thats what i first did.
luckily for me i work at a VW garage with a Bodyshop department and at noon break i can work on my bike a bit

got rid of the emblems and sanded it down ready for painting

and here's whats it like with new paint and emblems.

I'm happy with the results.


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the forklegs looked really bad so i spend a couple of hours on them and came up with this as result.

And did the same for the rims (only one is done at this time) but i think thats what im going to do.
I wish i found some spoke rims but the stock rims will do for the moment.

So this is how far i got at this point.
Hope you guys enjoy and tips and tricks are always welcome.


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Welcome, you'll find there are no rules on what bike is allowed to be posted here, if it's yours and you are building it we will watch and help when we can. Like the paint so far, will look good with the polish.




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due to some personal problems i havent been able to work on my bike much lately ...frustrating realy. but i have done some work on the front end.

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Nice work so far. I have been thinking of one of these for a while so look forward to seeing how yours turns out. Makes a nice detour from all the cb350's etc.:)

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first of all: To all my loyal followers im sorry i havent posted in a while!! :p

No really, i finally had some time to work on my bike!

This is where i stand now but im having trouble finding the right material to make a hoop and i kinda lack the tools to do
it on my own. (ideas are always welcome!).

So im trying to make the seat . I thought i was doing just fine when i suddenly realized that i have no idea on how to mount
it on my bike. I used aluminum for the pan and found out that was a mistake :)
I dont wanna waste the pan/seat so if anybody has any ideas on how to do mount that please tell me :)

A while ago i found this CB build on this forum with the taillight (led) build in the rear hoop , anybody know wich one that is?

thanks in advance !

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